Monthly Archives: March 2012

Archive Fever and its Role in our Memories and Future

Archives are the foundation of most social interaction and is an increasingly relevant topic in a world where the ubiquity of archives heightens accessibility (and inaccessibility) and the way in which our lives are structured. By organising our lives and restructuring them, archives lay the basis for authority and control accessibility. Derrida notes, however, that archives only appear to […]

Blog Post 3: Actor-Network Theory

I can safely say that I was thoroughly confused by this week’s readings, but (hopefully) now understand actor-network theory and its relationship to the history of publics and publishing. Actor-network theory centres largely around the idea that networks (made up of a series of actors) have the potential to form a single entity and become […]

Blog Post 1 ARTS2090 (sorry I uploaded after the second one)

Publishing is a longstanding tradition which entails the reproduction and printing of images in order to put these images into the public domain. Throughout the contemporary era publishing has largely been used by the media to spread news and messages to the masses. The invention of the printing press allowed for mass scale publication, however […]

ARTS2090 post 2: emerging tools and techniques in publishing

In the changing landscape of publishing, print media being phased out by online sources and is needing to adjust and create new tools and techniques of publishing in order to profit in an industry they once dominated. An increase in free online resources has lead to a decline in peoples’ desire to pay for news […]