Monthly Archives: April 2012

Visualisation, Climate Change and a picture of data

Do visual media work differently to other media forms? In short: yes… yes they do. Visual media provide a representation of something that would remain in text form and ultimately make this information more accessible for a wider audience. Unlike traditional media forms,¬†visual media does not rely heavily on user interaction which enables widespread understanding […]

Internet Piracy: all the piracy and none of the scurvy!

Given that we didn’t have a tute this week as our tutor was sick I thought it was only appropriate to blog about the arguments my team had come up with for the debate. We were the affirmative team with topic question: should piracy be illegal. Firstly, we were going to discuss the historical beginnings […]

Infotention and the selection of sources

The internet is continually and infinitely expanding. It is cluttered with information, publications, news, music and millions of bites worth of files.¬†Given the extraordinarily large amounts of information on the internet we are being forced to choose the information we are attentive to. We are finding the need to filter the clutter of data in […]